Intervju sa porodicom Blagojevic koji je vodila bivsa prvakina svijeta Suzan Polgar

Interview with the Blagojevic family

The Blagojevic family is one of the very few ones here with three(!) members representing their nation, Montenegro in our case! It is comprised of GM Dragisa (father), WFM Lidija (mother) and WIM Tijana (daughter), who offered her impressions:

  • How does it feel to play as a family in a Chess Olympiad?

Tijana: it is a great feeling to play all together! It is the first time we do so; in 2008 my mother played (and I didn’t), then a few years later I was in the national team but she didn’t come. My father is a veteran; he played his first Olympiad many years ago.

  • So who is the strongest in the family? Do you have chess nights at home?

My father, of course! (laughs) But I hope I will beat him some day! Yes, we play chess at home; also my brothers used to play, though five years ago they quit and switched to basketball.

  • How do you find this Olympiad, compared to others your family participated in?

This Olympiad is very special for us, because all three of us are here together, playing for our national team. As for Baku and the organization, it’s really great, we enjoy it very much! We think it’s our best Olympiad so far!